The Baggage We Bring…

Real and Imagined

(Artists living in Florida, or wished they did)

The works in this exhibit are about displacement, abandonment, loss, catharsis, fear, suffering, pain, and regret. Other artists in the exhibition deal with love, memory, change, and, renewal. They all walk on a high wire because they agreed to share their baggage.

Do we see ourselves or them? We do see identity, destiny, and storytelling at its best. Often the artist blurs the lines between opportunity and exploitation, self-delusion, fact, and fiction - exposing the many ways we deceive each other and ourselves

Please join us at the opening of the exhibition

Saturday, May 21st from 5-8 pm at the

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

2101 Tigertail Ave

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


After the opening on May 21st, the gallery will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and by appointment through September 3rd.